Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why Local Search Marketing? - (Infographic)

We here at RevLocal take local search marketing very seriously. We do not just market businesses to their local consumers. We help businesses grow.
This infographic depicts the process and ultimate purpose of effective local search marketing.

As a business expands their online presence so that they are listed in more and more local data sources with consistent data, their prominence increases. If the business engages consumers by posting pictures, responding to reviews, and sharing offers, Google begins to see them as a local business that matters. So, they will show up higher in the local search results. This means increased visibility with consumers looking for the services or products that this business offers. When local search marketing is done right, more of these consumers become customers. More customers leads to business growth. Business growth leads to  new opportunities and the creation of new jobs.
This is the deep purpose and motivating force behind why we do what we do. At the end of the day, for us it is not about clicks or impressions. It is not about fancy graphs or being an SEO expert. It is all about helping a business to grow and find success where they may not have found it before.
In this economy, it is a powerful thought for us that someone who does not have a job today maybe working tomorrow because of local search marketing and RevLocal.
This keeps us awake at night and pushing through the day- We are the economic recovery plan.

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